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Virtual Private Networks

The world has changed a lot in the last couple of decades. Instead of simply dealing with local or regional concerns, many businesses now have to think about global markets and logistics. Many companies have facilities spread out across the country or around the world, and there is one thing that they all need: A way to maintain fast, secure and reliable communications wherever their offices are located.


Virtual Private Networks - designed by SafetySend security experts - offers secure browser-based access to email and internal applications, anytime, anywhere.

  • A seamless and fully branded extension to existing web portal systems

  • Zero footprint - no end user client required to download

  • Various registration and authentication capabilities with SSO

  • No client side hardware/software investment

  • Ease of implementation and support

Our VPN technology lets an organization securely extend its network services over the internet to remote users, branch offices, and partner companies.

Our VPN can solve many issues, from extending the enterprise to include strategic business partners and customers to securing corporate data for transport over the public internet.

SafetySend provides integrated, high-performance VPN and e-mail security solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Capabilities include spam and virus protection.


Benefits of SafetySend's VPN

  • Extend geographic connectivity

  • Improve Security

  • Reduce operating costs versus traditional WAN

  • Reduce transit time and transportation for remote users

  • Improve productivity

  • Simplify network topology

  • Global networking opportunities

  • Telecommuter support

  • Broadband networking compatibility

  • Faster ROI than traditional WAN

SafetySend VPN solutions support remote access and private data communications over public networks as a cheaper alternative to leased lines. SafetySend's VPN clients communicate with VPN servers utilizing a number of specialized protocols.


SafetySend's Virtual Private Networking (VPN) has attracted the attention of many organizations looking to both expand their networking capabilities and reduce their costs. SafetySend also offers a comprehensive anti-virus solution to protect against viruses, worms and Trojan horses at the email gateway before they can enter the email environment.


Our VPN can be found in workplaces and homes, where it allows employees to safely log into company networks. Telecommuters and those who travel often find our VPN a more convenient way to stay plugged in to the corporate intranet.



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