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How your data is used
SafetySend is committed to protecting the privacy of all its users. We do not share, sell, rent, trade or loan personal data to third parties for any purpose. SafetySend abides by strict security protocols that limit access to internal information. SafetySend restricts user information and has protocols that allow only specific employees to have access our user database.

Web logs and cookies
SafetySend considers email transmitted via the Service to be the private correspondence between the sender and recipient. SafetySend does not monitor, edit or disclose the contents of a User's private communications, under any circumstances, nor do we log traffic, IP addresses, or anything other than very limited server error messages. uses cookies only to manage a user's session.

Non-account related communications
SafetySend does not contact users unless the communication is account or service related.

Information We Collect
When you register with SafetySend, we will collect the following information:

  • Personal, or individually identifiable, information you provide to us

  • Standard web server/visitor traffic information regarding overall web site traffic patterns. Normally web servers collect this type of basic information as part of their web log-in processes. We do not report on individual user sessions.

A. Personal or Individually Identifiable Information & How We Use It
We will use the information provided by you to promote a more personal service to our members. Individual information we may collect includes:

  • Company Name

  • Nature of your practice

  • First and last name

  • Title

  • Street address, city, state and zip code

  • telephone number, email address and fax number

  • Web address (if applicable)

We may use this information to let you know about changes to our site and our service, and to let you know about those products and services of other carefully selected companies whose products and services we think may be of interest to you. If you do not wish for your information to be used for this purpose, please notify us by sending a message to e-mail address:

Exclusive Registration:
Standard credit card information is processed via a secure, encrypted session. We maintain records of all financial transactions. Occasionally, SafetySend may contact individuals who have provided their individually identifiable information through the Website in order to:

  • Conduct surveys seeking feedback. These surveys are used for quality assurance purposes, and to improve our level of service to you.

  • Supply news and information.

Personal information is private and confidential. Additionally, all information is stored in a secure location accessible only by authorized staff.




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