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SafetySend offers several flexible and affordable packages so that you can meet your federal compliance

requirements. You can start meeting your compliance obligations today in most cases.

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  Essentials Premium Enterprise


Licenses Scalable Scalable Scalable
Storage Capacity 1GB 2GB 5GB
Custom Branding to Organization
Compliance Administration Console


File Transfer / FTP
Email Accounts
Interceptor Anti-Spam Technology
Interceptor Anti-Virus Technology
Shareable Contacts & Address Book
Shareable Calendar
Server Redundancy
Bandwidth Redundancy
Secure IMAP / Smartphone Capability    
Hardware / Software Required NONE NONE NONE
Outlook Functionality  



Secure Fax

    First 500 pages included


Email Only
Live Online Chat  
Remote Support Utility    
Phone Support    


  1. Secure File Transfer, Document transmission and Communication system using your domain name. (.net / .org)

  2. Ready to go same day in most cases..

  3. You can keep your current email address

* Current HIPAA and HITECH Regulation Require a Security Administrator within the covered entity to control access and enforce regulation.

Features & Attributes

Secure Private Domain Communication includes:

  • Client domain acquisition (Example: / .net)

  • Admin Console (administered by designated person or persons of the Covered Entity)

  • Outlook Integration

  • Administration Console

  • 1 Gigabyte of Storage & 8 Gigabytes of bandwidth

  • Dedicated Security Certificate

  • double 256 bit security encryption and

  • HIPAA,  HITECH and GLB Audit elements

  • Certified Secure Message  & Return Receipt for recipients outside the system

  • High speed Large File Transfer up 3 Gigabytes per file

  • Auto Response & Digitally Coded Signature

  • Lockbox for secure storage of private documents and data

  • GLB and HIPAA Conformance utility for each user

  • Large File Transfer Utility and standard Attachment limit per transmission of 200

  • Spam/Virus shields for each user - updated each hour

  • User initiated Spyware/Virus detection and removal

  • Global access utility (any internet connection)

  • Scalability to 10,000 users per Private Domain Client

  • Redundant servers at multiple locations With T-1 backbone with Disaster Backup

  • Daily backup maintained on-site for one-week minimum.

  • Weekly offsite backup maintained for seven years or as long as client

  • All revisions or updates automatically included without charge

  • Work on the site will be scheduled upon execution in approximately 5 days or less

  • All work performed shall bear the powered by Safety Send tagline (or logo)

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