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SafetySend allows you to meet your regulatory compliance requirements utilizing our base products and integration into your existing systems.

Email, File Transfer, Automated Compliant FTP, Secure Fax, Document Control, Lockbox and more.

SafetySend also provides custom integration to existing EHR, EMR, HIMS, clinical applications and financial applications. 

SafetySend supports and allows integration to Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, iPad and iPhone an most modern systems and devices.

Reduced Technical Burden

The growing operational cost and technical burden of providing a email solution and file transfer capabilities has been further complicated by recent mandatory federal compliance requirements. HIPAA and GLB compliance requirements have required a change in existing email and file transfer methodologies. Because each party in the secure data transaction has specific authentication requirements to document "transfer of custody" an intermediary is often required to manage this transaction. By using SafetySend as this intermediary it allows the expiration, retraction, and password management between users without the exchange of public keys or third party software. Each party can exchange emails and large files with nothing more than a web browser if that is all that is available to them. SafetySend is also compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla, Eudora, Lotus Notes and other email clients.

Reduced Operating Cost

Choosing SafetySend will lower operating cost by eliminating the need to purchase VPN hardware, expensive leased lines and the staff required to implement and maintain the hardware and the software. Many of our clients have already made the smart move to utilize SafetySend's established secure network

to communicate securely and within compliance requirements without the need to purchase any specialized equipment. We allow you to outsource this expensive and business critical task to our highly trained professionals and specialized equipment. SafetySend becomes a dependable part of your business and allows you to focus on your core business

Minimal Start Up Expense

SafetySend provides you all that is required to host a compliant email and file transfer system for one low monthly fee. Get the benefit of SafetySend's highly trained staff, robust server environment, high speed network, spam filter, virus filter, back-up storage capabilities and more at a fraction of the cost.

To host and maintain a typical corporate email environment you need at least one dedicated server, one firewall, networking equipment, leased line (T1, T3, etc.) and at least one technical staff member to maintain and service the equipment.

SafetySend is the smart choice because it allows you access to our knowledge, expertise, training, equipment and experience to minimize the overall cost and support burden that your company is required to perform to meet compliance requirements.

Remote Access

Our technology can support the same intranet/extranet services as a traditional WAN or VPN, but VPNs have also grown in popularity for their ability to support remote access service. In recent years, many organizations have increased the mobility of their workers by allowing more employees to telecommute. Employees also continue to travel and face an increasing need to stay "plugged in" to the company network.

Leased lines don't support mobile workers well because the lines fail to extend to people's homes or their travel destinations. Companies that don't use VPNs must resort to implementing specialized "secure dial-up" services in this case. To log in to a dial-up intranet, a remote worker must call into a company's remote access server using either a 1-800 number or a local number. The overhead of maintaining such a system internally, coupled with the possibility of high long distance charges incurred by travelers, make VPNs an appealing option here.

Asset Management

In a typical company of 1,000 employees, 15 million pages are copied, faxed and printed each year, at an average cost of $1 million. 82,000 man-hours are spent just walking pages between desks and imaging devices, contributing to a $2 million a year labor cost part of a total labor cost for producing these images.

Simply stated, most companies have too many printers, copiers and fax machines, in too many places, with too much duplication of effort and too much cost in a large enterprise.

SafetySend solutions reduce the number of print locations while reducing the time it takes for people to get their copies, faxes and printouts. The key is to optimize the number, location and business rules for usage of all equipment - so you not only lower costs, you also get distribution closer to the end user.

Of course, while doing all this, it's important to be sensitive to the change management issues within your organization. This is where our extensive onsite experience with all kinds of company cultures can make sure this change is a change for the better.


Prior to the implementation of modern VPN technology, the use of traditional leased lines may be reasonable at first but can increase exponentially as the organization grows. A company with two branch offices, for example, can deploy just one dedicated line to connect the two locations. If a third branch office needs to come online, just two additional lines will be required to directly connect that location to the other two.

However, as an organization grows and more companies must be added to the network, the number of leased lines required increases dramatically. Four branch offices require six lines for full connectivity; five offices require ten lines, and so on. Mathematicians call this phenomenon a "combinatorial explosion," and in a traditional WAN this explosion limits the flexibility for growth. VPNs that utilize the Internet avoid this problem by simply tapping into the geographically-distributed access already available.

Compared to leased lines, Internet-based VPNs offer greater global reach, given that Internet access points are accessible in many places where dedicated lines are not available.


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