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HIPAA Compliance

Put your patients' privacy first by building a healthcare brand synonymous with your patients' security.

  • Safely send prescription information, patient records, files and appointment confirmations to patients and business partners

  • Responsibly protect patient information when it leaves your organization

  • Comply with HIPAA privacy and security requirements

  • Safeguard your organization from liability concerns

 Designed and built by information security professionals, SafetySend was created to:

  • Integrate seamlessly with a healthcare organization's existing email architecture

  • Enable employees to use email as they always have, but to do so securely

  • Be easy to implement, easy to manage and easy to use

 Medical security is perhaps the most critical issue facing Medical Professionals and with new HIPAA enforcement, it has become urgent. Security and Compliance is about more than just medical records and pertains to nearly every facet of business today. HIPAA compliance is vital to reducing legal and financial liability.

Virtually all-healthcare organizations - including all health care providers, health plans, public health authorities, healthcare clearinghouses, and self-ensured employers - as well as life insurers, information systems vendors, various service organizations, and universities are now effected by HIPAA regulation.

Guarding corporate and patient data, protecting company property and ensuring patient safety are among the most important and challenging responsibilities that medical professionals face.

The range of HIPAA awareness on the part of physicians varies and many physicians have not yet taken steps to ensure that their practices will be HIPAA compliant by the required dates. While HIPAA poses a compliance challenge for physicians, recent modifications to HIPAA's privacy requirements provide some clarification to assist in compliance efforts.

HIPAA Compliance Priorities
HIPAA's compliance requirements are extensive and the compliance dates have already passed. Some priorities for physicians to consider include the following:

Standard transactions

Is your practice ready to conduct standard electronic HIPAA transactions this year or next? Has a compliance plan been submitted to HHS in order to obtain an additional year to comply? Physician practices should immediately discuss Standard Transaction Rule compliance with their billing companies and should also be aware of the compliance timelines of their third party payers.

Business associates

Have you identified those vendors who perform services or functions on behalf of your practice who have access to PHI. HIPAA calls such vendors "business associates" and requires covered providers to enter into written business associate agreements containing specific privacy provisions. HHS published sample business associate contract provisions with the Privacy Rule modifications and template business associate agreements are available through many sources.





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