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In the Financial World, email is the most widely used communication tool in the world. Sensitive data is conveyed electronically and should be protected, controlled and subject to Audit. Documents without security will get into the wrong hands, firms could at least lose some competitive advantage and at most get prosecuted for malfeasance or sued for sexual harassment.

With the volume of emails received by enterprises growing by 40 percent a year, it is more important now than ever for financial service firms to be especially vigilant about how they manage their email traffic. If financial institutions do not manage their emails properly, there are real world consequences.

Clients believe their financial matters have no chance of becoming public knowledge. Financial Professionals have earned this trust over the years by keeping information confidential and using secure methods of communication. In the Electronic World, this trust must be safeguarded in new ways as on-line business communication and transactions rapidly overtake yesterday's paper and mail methods. On-line delivery provides a cost-effective replacement for paper mail.

SafetySend is the best secure encrypted email solution that makes secure business communication as easy as traditional, non-encrypted messaging.

SafetySend enables users to send secure encrypted email, business communication such as financial statements, patient health information (PHI) or sensitive communication regarding intellectual property. The ability to conduct business electronically while ensuring compliance with regulations such as GLBA and HIPAA opens a number of business opportunities that were not possible before.

SafetySend solutions are designed from the ground up to meet the financial, compliance, security and technical needs of the business. SafetySend solutions include:

  • increase productivity by eliminating unwanted, time-wasting and malicious content from e-mail,
    instant messaging, and web browsers

  • enable secure communications with business partners, outside agencies and customers

  • reduce corporate business risk by blocking objectionable content from corporate e-mail, instant
    messaging and web browsers

  • improve legal compliance and business continuity by making it easy to archive, search and restore email and instant messaging communications

  • increase administrative productivity by providing unified and flexible management capabilities
    across e-mail, instant message and web browsers

  • improve performance and decrease costs by blocking on average 85% of traffic as unwanted or
    malicious before it ever reaches our client's networks

  • reduce operating and capital costs by up to 90% by eliminating the need to install, maintain or upgrade expensive hardware or software





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